Vivo Ventures

We are Vivo´s Corporate Venture Capital for strategic investments. Our aim is to enhance Vivo’s B2C ecosystem ambitions, complementing Wayra, Telefónica Ventures and Leadwind as part of Telefónica’s Open Innovation strategy

After 11 years helping to build the Brazilian startup ecosystem with direct investments in early-stage companies through Wayra and indirect investments in later-stages through Telefónica Ventures and Leadwind, we decided to double our commitment by investing directly in growth-stage companies through Vivo Ventures. We will invest up to R320M in 5 years.

This is how we invest

We make direct investments in startups which has the potential for leveraging Vivo´s B2C ecosystem strategy on three innovation horizons: strengthen the current business; evolve to new business models; and discover new disruptive businesses.


Investment Thesis

We invest tickets up to R$35M through non-controlling interests in growth stage start-ups with pre-money valuations between R$ 90Mn and R$ 240 Mn. In addition to equity, our value proposition also entails accelerating the startup through business development (Vivo as a customer and/or Vivo as a sales channel)

In which verticals and geographies do we invest?


Our scope are B2C Digital Consumer companies of health, education, financial services, smart homes, entertainment, and technology marketplaces. We also have flexibility for tech-bets beyond that scope.


We focus on companies based in Brazil or that operates in Brazil as one of their main markets.

Vivo Ventures complements Telefónica’s Open Innovation


With more than 11 years of presence in the Latam Ecosystem and 33 Brazilian startups in portfolio, Wayra is focused on pre-seed and seed stages, investing tickets up to R$ 2Mn and will serve as a very relevant source of dealflow for Vivo Ventures.


As an anchor investor in the recently launched, Leadwind fund, we invest in deep tech scale ups in Latam and Europe. It is a scale stage vehicle aiming to invest tickets up to ~R$ 80Mn (Eur 15M). Envisioning Brazil as one of it´s most relevant markets, VivoVentures startups will be a source of deal flow for Leadwind in the country.  Leadwind is an independent Venture Capital Fund opened to the participation of public and private investors.


We also invest in Brazil through our top tier partners Invest Tech and RedPoint. This approach multiplies the reach of our scouting, providing us with operational partnerships, strategic ideas, market insights and deal flow opportunities.

Vivo Ventures News

Vivo cria fundo de R$ 320 milhões para investir em startups.

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Vivo cria fundo de R$ 320 milhões para investir em startups.

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Telefônica Vivo cria fundo de R$ 320 milhões para investir em startups.

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Vivo cria fundo de R$ 320 milhões para investir em startups.

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