What is the relationship between Wayra and Vivo / Telefonica?

Wayra is an open innovation hub part of Telefónica Group present in 10 countries, including Brazil, where we have Vivo as a commercial brand. Briefly, is the fast way to your startup making business with Telefónica Group.

We invest in startups that have potential market fit with Vivo, developing and helping them to gain scale. Wayra gives your company Telefónica as a client, or even so, gives your company access to 350 millions of consumers around the world, plus big corporations who does business with Telefónica.

Can you connect my startup with Telefonica Group / Vivo or partners?

We are only able to connect startups that makes sense for us.

Does Wayra continue offering the Acceleration Program?

We do not offer the Acceleration Program. We analyze startups individually and look forward how to contribute considering the company stage, maturity level and needs. We are a global business hub who connects startups with potential to do business with Telefónica Group and growing fast. We have our micro CVC (Corporate Venture Capital), that allow us to invest in selected business as we decide to, offering specific benefits for each one of their needs.

Your business success is our success and we develop a flexible path who makes sense for both.

How much money Wayra invests per startup?

Up to U$150 thousand in exchange for a minimal equity, São Paulo office for twelve-months, U$ 50 thousand in smart money – customized consulting for each business needs, around U$500 thousand in partners benefits (cloud services, business tools, digital marketing platforms).

How works with the chosen startups?

All the chosen startups have a first year of close mentoring through four committees (simulating a business board): a kick-off one, two of follow up, and the last closing one. The KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are agreed at the begging and followed through the year. We have a design Vivo executive as a mentor, who helps a develop the business and as bridge with the company itself and the market.

Who are the commite members?

We have Wayra’s local Country Manager, Vivo’s executives, experts from our ecosystem, as investors and other entrepreneurs. After this twelve-month period, if is strategic, board members can be invited to continue as advisers.

Does my startup needs to receive any investment to be part of Wayra’s network?

No, we’ve learned during those 11 year a lot. Many entrepreneurs choose Wayra to makes business with Vivo in Brazil or Telefonica globally, and they don’t need money investment or do not make sense for Wayra’s strategy. You are all welcome, we don’t want to lose business opportunities, we want the best relationship for all.

What are the benefits of being invested by Wayra?

We are the largest open innovation corporate hub with 11 offices in 10 countries. We search for the best entrepreneurs to do business with Telefónica Group, Vivo and others big corporations.

The business development is:

  • Access to Vivo’s experts, including VP and Directors.
  • Access to big corporations C-levels.
  • Fast-track to PoC with Telefónica / Vivo.
  • Access to Wayra Global Network.
  • Access to more than a 100 partners local and international (+US$ 500 million in credits).
  • Savings in business tools for your startup.
  • Full office infrastructure based in Wayra São Paulo.

Are we a good fit for Wayra?

We look for growing up startups, specially B2B ones, who provides solutions in Cloud, Cybersecurity, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, RA/RV, Smart Wi-Fi, SaaS (Software as a Service), Fintech, Agtech, Mobile, Games, Video, or that brings operational efficiency to Telefónica Group or Vivo.

We look for the best startups. If you have a qualify team (business and technology skills), solve relevant problems for a big market, and also has a product developed with first clients, we can be our next win! Potential to make business with Telefónica, Vivo and other big corporations is a plus.

I have the best idea, am I too early stage for Wayra?

We are in search for startups who offers ready solutions for Telefónica Group, Vivo or potential clients. If is this your case, we can explore possibilities both with the Group or other partners. If you have a study case to show to us, we want to know you better.

When can I apply for Wayra?

We accept subscriptions during the year in this link .

Which are the startups invested by Wayra?

Know our portfolio here.

What are the open office hours in case I want to visit Wayra?

We are open to our community during open events or, when is possible, previous scheduled agenda for your group. Signup to our Newsletter and stayed tunned to know what is happening. Follow us on Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter e Instagram.

I still have some doubts, how can I schedule a meeting with Wayra’s Team?

The best way to reach us, in case you still have them, is through our contact mail brasil@wayra.org.

As you can imagine, we receive a lot of meetings requests. If your startup has potential, fill this contact form and we will return your contact at the right moment.