Wayra connects Telefonica and technological disruptors around the world. As their preferred strategic partner, we will scale them up to accelerate both their business and ours.

We work side-by-side with them to provide disruptive solutions to Telefonica and its customers.

The very best start-ups within our portfolios will have unparalleled access to our global network of 350 million customers and clients in several countries. Wayra offers a unique and effective interface between entrepreneurs on the one hand and our network of corporates, governments and other partners in countries in which Telefonica is present.


We are committed partners. Over the last seven years, we have invested over € 39M to help to scale the global start-up ecosystem. We have invested cash and business development support throughout the world, and have created 11 hubs that offer our start-ups unique access to heads of state, corporate leaders, investors and serial entrepreneurs.

We are a global team of tech lovers and startup enthusiasts seeking new opportunities for our entrepreneurs and business.

Renato Valente

Country Manager

Carolina Morandini

Head of Startups and Scouting

Carlos Paglia


Frederico Tapias

Legal Manager

Matheus Lavorenti

Portfolio Manager

Sidney Castro

Head of Business Development

Daniella Hong

Office Manager

Guilherme Ralisch

Head of Partnerships

Rodrigo Trindade


Fernando Magalhães

Business Development Specialist

Ana Luisa Mota Godke

Business Strategy and Innovation Trainee

Wayra Hubs

In Brazil, Wayra is based in the country's most important innovation hub, located in São Paulo.
At our space you will find the most interesting events about entrepreneurship, opportunities to take your startup to the next level next to the key entrepreneurs of the ecosystem and learn about the most disruptive technologies.

Wayra Brazil

Company information
Rua Martiniano de Carvalho, 851 - 2º andar, Ed. Telefonica, Bela Vista,
CEP 01321-001 - São Paulo – SP
E-mail brasil@wayra.org
Country Manager
Renato Valente